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Artist and collector, Dina Broadhurst's work has been described as an orgy of simplicity. A Helmut Newton meets Kim Kardashian vibe. Having exhibited within her home town Australia, as well as internationally, Broadhurst has become iconic for her dramatic large scale showcases of desire and allure, turning the world of luxury advertising and beauty into portals for self-discovery, reflection and growth. Her exhibitions have included larger than life billboard type displays in shopping centres with retail giant Westfield throughout Australia and NZ, The Galeries, & Emporium, bringing art out of the traditional gallery and into the public domain, taking her signature style to new heights of interaction and scale.


Broadhurst’s iconic photographic collages use both 2 dimensional and 3D elements bringing them to life, based in both digital and film photography, digital and analogue collage and mixed media pieces from the worlds of fashion and nature, taking the viewer on a journey while editing, rearranging, repurposing and juxtaposing elements of her personal journey, memories, life, experiences and pieces she has collected along the way that forged her unravelling and making sense of her own self and inner world.


Broadhurst has also collaborated with an array of iconic global brands including Mercedes Benz, La Praire, Superga, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Limitato, Westfield, David Jones, Country Road, Victor & Rolf, Wedgewood, Wella, Tom Ford, always cementing and continuing to grow and develop her unique signature style.


Broadhurst was also honoured to have been selected as the guest artist for The Other Art Fair Melbourne & showcase at Art Basel Miami.


Broadhurst is now currently based in Sydney working from the now iconic CASA Studio, her first private gallery space and studio rooms as well as her private home, situated in one of Sydney’s most iconic Harbourside suburbs. CASA studio is a creative concept where the artist lives, works, displays her creations and hosts events and brand collaborations bringing her style and brand to life in a truly unique and immersive experience.


With a focus on desire, sexuality, escapism, memory, fantasy, luxury, repurposing, gathering, what we are attracted to, and the perfect face that we like to present to the world, the artist has had a lifelong obsession and influence from the colliding worlds of fashion, beauty, advertising, art and design, as well as her own journey and growth of being a woman, emotionally, physically, through the journeys of age, motherhood and the changing female social landscape. Broadhurst’s training is as varied as a Diploma in Makeup Artistry, a Bachelor of Interior Design, a Bachelor of Visual Communications, and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, where a solid training of colour, composition, layout, and psyche all draw the viewer through a perfectly poised image of allure, posing the question what is beautiful and why do we desire things?


The untamed natural beauty inside versus the staged, polished, edited and cropped versions that we present to others and consume daily. A sterile "face" or image of anonymity filled with so much emotion, all that burns underneath the "skin". The images leave you with a pretty picture that is complete but also incomplete, letting your imagination take over. A memory, a prompt to look within yourself, an emotion, a colour, a smell. Beauty exists in all that is around us, in nature, in simplicity, even in the mundane. Let her carefully staged compositions seduce you to find the hidden beauty within us all.

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